Saturday, 8 January 2011

Daily cleaning - 8th Jan 2011

Today's cleaning is a little late in the day, but I do seem to have a funk about my house which means the bins need taking out! Just thought I would share that with you.

List as follows

Empty / Fill dishwasher x2 - 1 xdone
Wash knik naks - done
Fill washing machine
Straighten drawers / cupboards
Sweep / Mop
Wipe walls
Clean fan

Living Room
Wash Knick naks - done
Sort tables
Wash walls
Clean furniture

General clean - done
Clean shower - done
Clean scales
Throw empty bottles

Bedroom 1
Hoover mattress
Make bed
Wash windows
Clean off tables

Bedroom 2
Hoover mattress
Hoover curtains
Wash windows

Clean table
Clean skirting
Sort cupboard
Sweep / hoover / mop
Tidy outside front door, shake mats, wipe front door down

Dining Room
Clean table
Clean chairs
Clear hotspots
Dust, clean light
Wipe prints from walls

Prepare clothes for tomorrow - Done
Check finances - done
Sort music - done
Take care of body
Keep fit - done
Personals - done

3,2,1 GOOOO

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