Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Todays cleaning Wed 5th Jan 2011

Happy New Year All!

I really need to keep track of my cleaning at the moment, therefore I will be posting my cleaning list for today. However, I do not expect to complete it all as it has grown terribly. Feel free to join in with my spot cleaning.

Bedroom 1
Make bed - done
Check for cobwebs
Hoover mattress

Bedroom 2
Straighten drawers
Check for cobwebs
Hoover mattress

Wipe furniture
Prune plants

Clean microwave - done
Put washing in - done
Empty / Fill dishwasher - done
Clean oven / stove
Quick tidy up
Wash nik naks
Straighten drawers / cupboards

Living Room
Clean windows - done
Wipe nik naks
Sort side tables

Quick tidy up
Straighten drawers
Clean shower

Wipe marks off walls
Clean table

Prepare clothes for tomorrow - done
Check financials - incomings / outgoings - done
Sort some music - done
Take care of my body
Keep fit - done
Personals - done

Phew - wish me luck!

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