Wednesday, 6 October 2010

5 Tips for Shiny Hair

Hair can be one of the most changeable things on a person and having a bad hair day can impact your mood, here are 5 tips to brighten up your hair.

- Don’t brush wet hair
When your hair is wet it is in a fragile condition, although brushing your hair when wet may be easier than dry, doing so can cause damage. When wet the your hair is stretched avoid brushing otherwise you can cause it to become weak, brittle and break.

- Condition once a week
Give your hair a treat once a week with a deep conditioner, hot oils and conditioners provide vital nourishment and should be factored into your regime.

- Finish with cold
After you’ve washed your hair give it a rinse with cold water as it seals the hair by closing up the cuticles. If you are using heat to dry your hair use the cold setting too after, this acts the same way and prevents frizz.

- Limit heat
If you don’t have to use heat then don’t, cutting back one day a week can make a huge difference to your hair quality. Try a heat free day once a week and see if you can notice the difference.

- Eat healthily
Having a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables will provide your body all the nutrients that it requires to allow your hair to have the foundations of being strong and healthy.

Following these tips over time can help the condition of your hair to improve. Treat your hair well and look forward to more good hair days.

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