Wednesday, 6 October 2010

What is a domestic goddess?

The term domestic goddess has been around for some time, but more often it is being used in an ironic format to mean someone who is a homemaker or housewife. Knowing what the guidelines are as a domestic goddess and how you can achieve goddess status can be a tricky task. There are many who deem themselves worthy until they come across the Stepford wife woman and realise how wrong they are.
No longer being satisfied solely in the workplace women all over are returning to the home to become the best of the best.

Here are some basic requirements:

Kitchen knowledge – The typical domestic goddess, not only knows her way around the kitchen, she could cater a dinner party also. Being skilled at the most basic and intricate of meals the domestic goddess can conjure up any dish required. Furthermore should there be a missing ingredient she will know what the replacement item needs to be to have the recipe still work, to please every stomach in the home.

Family contentment – In addition to satisfying the family’s stomachs the domestic goddess has the ability to please her partner in every way possible leaving nothing to be lusted after. Where children are concerned they have a doting mother at hand, who attends every school play and meeting, assists with homework and projects and has an excellent mix of firm but fair. All while remaining calm and collected with perfect looks.

Pristine looks – The best of domestic goddess appear turned out whatever task they are involved in, they could have their head underneath the bonnet of a car and still have hair and make up in place. Not to mention a perfect outfit for every occasion.

Housework – In order to have the perfect outfit every aspect of the domestic goddess’ housekeeping is well tended to. There is not an item in the home out of place, washing and ironing is kept to a minimum and repair are made when required and often by the goddess herself.

Intelligence – Rounding up the looks and skills the perfect goddess is far from an average woman, in addition to being able to multi task to the extreme, during her quite time she fills her brain with knowledge, ready to converse with others and show herself to be the well rounded woman she is.

Career – Modern domestic goddess’ not only fulfil the regular requirements they have managed to add the ability to hold some form of employment too. Whether the money is used to take some burden of the partner or as her own personal pocket money; the amount tends to be irrelevant as most of the work doubles up as a networking exercise.

Looking in jest at the requirements required, how close are you to being a full blown domestic goddess and getting your badge?

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