Sunday, 3 October 2010

Fighting my kitchen

One area of my home that I love to have tidy is my kitchen and once its tidy it sets the mood for the rest of my home. The kitchen is supposedly the heart of every home, but it is the one place that I just find so hard to manage.

Within the last flat that I rented my kitchen was way out the back and quite often I used to shut the door on the kitchen and only tackle it when it got to point of no more utensils available. So when I moved to this one that I am in now I thought that I had the situation handled. The new flat has an open plan kitchen, living room, diner and I figured that because of that, my kitchen would forever be tidy, dishes always washed and generally to have my homes heart under control.

I was foolish, it remains in the same state however now it is very visible. The worst thing is that I now have a dishwasher, so I have no excuses. I am very good at putting on the dishwasher and leaving it to do its job; my down fall is emptying it once it’s clean. Meanwhile there is a new generation of washing up being generated, which is finding its way across the work surface. It doesn’t seem to stack for some reason instead it makes every attempt to cover every visible surface.

Working out the best course of action here is my pledge:
Put away what is out of place
Put the dirty stuff in the dish washer
Clear the sides and keep it that way
As soon as the dishwasher is finished I will empty it
Should I fail I will be resorted to hand washing the dishes (my worst nightmare)
Oven cleaning and so on will follow and does tend to feature in my cleaning routine, wish me luck.

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