Sunday, 3 October 2010

Easy ironing – I wish

At any given time I seem to have a huge pile of ironing. It varies from one wash load to several wash loads. This is a problem that needs to be tackled.

When I raise this issue with friends, most of the time I get a standard reply of “you iron, why bother”. Am I the only person who takes the time out to iron? Or at least leaves the clean clothes in a pile ready to be ironed? Forgive me for taking a little pride in my clothes, I say a little as there are some days when I really could not care what I have on, if I have to run to the shops I’m going as I am, be it in jogging bottoms and shoes or a skirt and trainers. An emergency is just that, there is no time for co-ordination. Having said that the items that I am usually running to the shops to get is toilet roll, had I been more domesticated I would not have to be making such mercy dashes.

When trying to conquer the ironing pile I vary from sitting down in front of a movie and doing it all in one large swoop, or breaking it down into manageable 30 minute chunks, either one of these does mean that I get through the pile. However, it really isn’t ideal to have this growing pile continuously. Another option I could take is to iron the clothes straight out of the machine while they are still damp, however I find that it doesn’t always create the pressed look and can often re-crinkle. The final option is to iron on the day of wearing the clothes, but this does mean that I would have to be spending additional time each morning to ensure that I have smartly ironed clothes. I fear I would not do this, would throw on the clothes and be wearing the wrinkled look.

So, given that the washing up is going fairly well, I say fairly there is a pile to do, but it is not huge and I haven’t used the dishwasher yet, which I see as progress. I feel now is a good time to say that for every wash load I do each day, I must iron the other load that is more than likely still hanging up on the line in the living room. No more piles of washing!

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