Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The figure of a perfect woman

Deciding what the perfect figure is for the average woman is a matter of opinion, many females struggle with accepting that the body shape they have suits them. They may feel that they are too curvy or not curvy enough, but what is the perfect body type.

Depending on who you are asking there are many men who like the svelte figure of a woman and equally there are those who love something to hold onto in the form of hips and thighs. Having shape or curves, doesn’t mean to say that you are overweight, you may not be as toned as an athlete but your height verses weight ratio may be just fine. Hopefully there are not too many men who fancy the stick figure look.

Putting on and losing weight should only really be considered if there is a medical requirement, as long as you are eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, be comfortable in your skin. There are many ways to dress for your frame and to flatter the figure that you have and doing so can be an easy achievement.

You may feel pressure from others to have the figure of a perfect woman, but in reality there is only one perfect figure for you and that is the one that is proportionate for you. There is no point in idealising to curves / slim line waist if it is not going to match the rest of you, you could end up looking like one of those celebs who have stick figures and heads that look far too large for their bodies!

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