Monday, 4 October 2010

Home Decluttering Tips

Your home is where you heart is however, if your home is in chaos then you may not realise but it is quite difficult to function effectively and these home decluttering tips may come in handy.

- Within your house everything should have a place, it isn’t possible to tidy up if the item in question does not have somewhere to be put.

- If you come across items that do not seem to have a home put them all in a bag or box for now this can be changed as you make space.

- When it comes to decluttering you must be ruthless, if you hold onto everything you will never gain any space.

- For sentimental items it is important to decide whether the item has any function, if you all your sentimental items can fit into a reasonable sized box and put away then there is no real issue in keeping them. If however they take up space and have no actual function then perhaps a photo of the item is best, your memories are what count.

- Everyone has items that may come in handy, may be used at some point in the future or you may slim down into. If you own an item of clothing that you haven’t worn for 18 months then pass it on to a charity that will make more use of it, this doesn’t necessarily apply to high value items however. Same goes for clothes that do not fit you at present, when the time comes that you do fit into it – you deserve something new! As for other items such as books and gadgets, if you haven’t used it for 2-3 years, it’s time to let it go.

- Most of us have a box in our home that hasn’t been opened for a while, we’re not even sure what it contains, when you go through this bear in mind that if you haven’t needed it for this long, you may not need it at all.

- Be ruthless where paperwork and filing is concerned, ensure you hold onto paperwork for the required time where tax purposes are concerned, but other items do not need to be held for so long, telephone bills for example may only need to be kept for three months.

- If someone else can make more use of something you own and do not use, be charitable and donate it, if you feel it is worth more than that you may find that it is good to use some of the auction sites.

- Selling your items can be addictive once you start seeing the profits that you make from your unused possessions.

- If you bring in one bag of ‘stuff’ like food or shopping a day, try to remove the same also.

These are just some basic home decluttering tips that will start you on the road to finding space within your house; you can only really bring new items in by removing things. Above all do a little bit at a time and you will start to see differences.

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